INVENTO is announcing a call for youth workers to participate in the Training Course „Dialogue Above Judgment“, which will take place in Bakuriani, Georgia, during the 12th and 20th of November 2019.


Processes of the globalization, social-economic conditions in neighboring countries, and conflicts in developing countries force thousands of people to migrate in Europe for sake of finding shelter and better living conditions there. It caused mixing of various people and nationalities, coexistence of people with different backgrounds; however, this process also led to conflicts among those groups, judging people by their backgrounds, judgment based mainly on stereotypes and prejudices. All these reasons interrupt process of developing civil societies within states. Each conflict situation can be multiplied in future and lead us to dangerous situations in various countries. Thus, the main aim of the Training Course „Dialogue Above Judgment“ is to increase level of awareness of youth workers, to give useful tools, teach new methodologies and activities that will help them to make their local realities better, to lead their societies change towards peaceful civil society.

Project is implemented by Mellem Education (Youth NGO), MasterPeace Eastern Partnership and Central Asia Regional Organization (Youth NGO).


  • Understanding of existing problems and its causes, exploring existing lines of tensions/conflicts in Europe.
  • Teaching young leaders useful tools and methodologies in order to reduce discriminatory and stereotypical thinking.
  • To have a space for young leaders to share their best practices of their local societies.
  • To involve young leaders from minority groups from various European and neighbor countries.
  • Strengthening partnership cooperation among European Union and Eastern Partnership countries and empowering EECA NGOs.
  • Creation of a network of likeminded organizations and individuals interested in further cooperation in the field of anti-discrimination and inter-cultural dialogue



  • Age 18+, there is no max. age limitation
  • Able to communicate in English fluently
  • Experienced Youth Workers or individuals who are interested in starting youth work
  • Motivated to explore new ideas and methods
  • Participants with fewer opportunities (Social, economic, educational and geographical obstacles)


More abouth the project can be read here.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed to participants upon submission of the following documents: a complete set of originals of travel expense documents. The budget limit for Moldovan participants is 245 EURO.
Do not buy or book any tickets until you did not recieve any confirmation of your participation from us.

If you're interested in taking part in this project, hurry up and complete this form.

The deadline is 25th September

Please contact us if you have any queries in the meantime: